It’s all about C

So it feels like a lot of this summer has been all about C.  Her behavior has influenced the way the other children act and it has definitely influenced the tone of our summer.  We have done nothing fun :(, because she just won’t listen and/or act nice!  She said it is because she didn’t want a summer holiday and wanted to stay in school.  Too bad there are no summer school options here.

Anyway – tonight was supposed to be her slumber birthday party.  I had given her multiple, multiple chances to earn it back (after taking it away for being totally disrespectful for a few weeks in a row) – and she just threw them all in my face.  So I had to cancel her party.  It was awful – for me.  You could tell that she was a bit sad, but you could also tell that she thought that I would cave.

Now if you have never had a strong-willed child then you do not realize the importance of sticking with what you say to them.  YOU HAVE TO.  So while it seems mean, cold, and a bit heartless I have taken away my baby’s 8th birthday party.  Thankfully most of our friends/family understand and have not added to my grief – most.

So her behavior has continued.  After we had a deep heart-to-heart, after the party was cancelled, even after telling her if she wants to continue with this behavior we won’t even have the family dinner and she’ll lose her presents!  To give a bit of background (if you’ve been reading this lately then you know some of the things that have not been going well), Monday I gave her some laundry and asked her to put it away.  This is a regular occurrance at our house.  She would not put it away.  I told her she would stay in her room til she put it away.  By Tuesday it was still not done.  We had three girls coming over to play on Wednesday while their mom went to the OB.  Told her if she would not put it away she would not play with them.  Didn’t happen.  Told her on Wednesday that if she wouldn’t get it done she would not be playing with them Thursday night when they were coming back over (their mom’s bday and Jason graciously offered to watch SIX kids so I could take her out).  In the meantime since she is stuck in her room (which she now shares with T), she is trashing it :(.

So last night Jason and I decided we would show her the birthday present we got her.  The one that was a lot for an 8 year old, but when I got it she was being so nice and helpful – being the little girl she normally is and she deserved it.  I got her a Nintendo DS.  The one she has been wanting for over a year.  I hated ruining the surprise, especially since all of her presents go with it.  But we are hoping that by showing her what she could be losing that that will finally get through to her………

we’ll see.

Her birthday is Monday – please be praying for her that she will find her way back to her normal regular self.  I guess if nothing else school starts next week and she’ll be happy to be back learning.  (and yes, even tried doing school sessions at home – no luck).


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