J update – kind of…

So there really isn’t much to update on.  He is THE SAME :(.  He is still running a fever (even while on motrin), he is still coughing.  He still can’t get up and move around without choking himself up.  His chest still hurts.

The dr. did give me the first test results.  The rapid flu test came back negative.  He was very quick to point out however that this can be a false neg. for 1 in 5 children.  Still waiting on the rest of the tests.

J is still not doing any better and getting bored out of his mind.  And miserable.  This just really really sucks for him.  And I am getting really frustrated for him.

On one positive note, he did eat an actual meal tonight.  It was a small meal, but he ate it all.  So that is really good because my (y’all know this is so true) normally bottomless pit has had almost no appetite what so ever!


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