So the drama continues :(.  We had a big fight again this morning.  She couldn’t find her shoes anywhere and of course that blew up into insanity.  She ended up having to wear her trainers instead of her school shoes and she and J were late for school.  Then to make matters worse she was still going ugh when we got to the school and we ended up having a talk in the headmistress’ office. 

I think C is doing better.  I’m still a bit pissed to be honest.  I’m tired of her acting like this.  I’m tired of her attitude affecting the whole household.  Hopefully a day of having to stick out because she is blantently out of uniform will help  – I hope that doesn’t sound too mean.  But enough is enough.  She’s a great kid, she’s proved that she can be amazing.  I just wish she would make more of an effort to do so. 😦

So now, I am going to get to gut out the playroom to look for her missing shoe – yippee.


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