house drama :(

So I get home today from an AWFUL dental appt (J freaked out and spit tooth dye all over himself) and there is a message on my phone saying that if we don’t have our paperwork in by closing today (5 p.m.) we lose the house!

The message was left at 12:30 – I got it after 3.  I was pissed and freaking out.  We put down a deposit to I thought guarantee that the house was held for us.   After a lot of phone calls, pleading with people and being very very angry I was able to satisfy the rental agency for tonight and will take the rest of the paperwork in tomorrow. 

I am feeling super discouraged right now.  I don’t know who exactly is the one acting shady.  The rental agency has definitely done their share.  But they said that it was the owner pushing things.  That the current tenants have friends that want the house.  Contracts and deposits and all that kind of stuff don’t seem to mean alot in this country…..:(

I am seriously hoping that it is not the owners because I don’t want to get into that kind of bad relationship. 

We’ll find out soon I guess.  I was able to get finances to email Jason’s employment records today (which they said was the vital thing to recieve), offered to fax the rest of the paperwork as there was no way I could get to Ely before they closed.  But they will only take originals, so the kids and I will be camped out waiting for them to open at 9 a.m. tomorrow.  As long as they have no problem with our little bitty dog (which they are starting to make noises about) we should be okay.

This really sucks.  We thought we had the house.  We didn’t even make a fuss when they raised the rent by L50.  I went through the crappy feelings telling our landlord we’d be moving (they are really nice and I hated for them having to go through the process of finding new tenants).  The kids are all excited, we’re excited, our friends are excited.


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