21 June

Wow, things have been amazingly CALM this last week.  Yes, Jaron had a cold the end of the week, but other than that – NOTHING!!!

We even managed to get Jason a bike.  So now he can do his crazy ride 20-something-miles-to-base-thing!  And I think he had a good Father’s Day.  We had a bbq here and everyone seemed to have fun 🙂

Now to catch you up on some of the “behind the scene” things that happened while Mom and Dad were here!  We had quite  a lot of drama.  Joss, the little girl we were watching, was understandably having a difficult time.  When you are two and both of your parents are gone it is very confusing.  So there were a lot of up and downs with her.  Tate was not always enjoying sharing, well everything.  Plus she is very used to having some alone, quiet time while the kids are at school.  Her peaceful moments I guess.  After we took the kids to the Anglo-Saxon village, Chas got some sort of bugs from trying on costumes.  Didn’t look or act like lice, but it was awful!!!  Thankfully she was the only one that got them.  Jason, as I think previously mentioned, was broken down in Canada for days.  He was having quite a bad time.  Oh, and to end their trip, the guest shower broke and started leaking through the ceiling down into the kitchen.  Lots of fun!

But things are calm now.  I’m hoping the calm after the storm!!!  The plumber is here installing a new shower floor, so that should be taken care of soon. 

Oh, and another plug for RACE FOR LIFE.  The kids and I will be doing that in a week.  Our goal is to raise L200 or roughly $300.  If you can donate even $5, that is so helpful!  You can even donate online through our weblink:


Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


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