It’s almost here

It is the LAST day of school finally. And this brings so many things. The kids will of course be home (good and bad ;)!), our flipping cabinet is finally being delivered today (we ordered it back in February!) and our final goodbyes to our friends is closing in on us.
Last night we had dinner with Sarah, Pete, and the kids. And it was heart-wrenching when we went to leave. Tate was just crying. Crying because she knows very soon she will be saying goodbye to one of her closest friends. I did the reassurances that we will get to call them and we can webcam and maybe even go out to Florida and visit.
But on the drive home, I cried too. You see we are not just saying goodbye to friends. We are saying goodbye to the people that have become part of our extended family. I’d like to say that’s just how an overseas assignment is. All you have is your squadron, so they become your extended family. Which is very true and very much like real family – you don’t get to pick ’em! But I think it is more than just being overseas, that has helped to make us closer faster. Our families have just seemed to click together. Sarah and I are very close, that was the start (well actually Pete and Jason working together was the start!). Then we were lucky enough that until precious Ben was born (which thrilled Jaron to have another boy!!!!), all of our kids matched up and like each other. Chas to Mads, Jaron to Em, Tate to Char. Our families just matched. And then to top it all off our husbands are friends too. To be able to find a family, friends where everyone enjoys being with each other is such a lovely, rare occurance. And I feel truly blessed to count them not only as our friends, but as our military family.  We will really really miss you guys!!!!!

And now I must go and find the tissues, again 😦


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