September 6th

Finally doing well enough to get online and catch y’all up!

It was a mess, but thanks to some help from Jason’s commander(!), I got into the neurologist.  She said that I am having some seriously bad migraines.  At that point it had been going on for I think 7 weeks, everything is starting to run together on me now.  This wouldn’t have actually been such a seriously bad thing except for the fact that I was solo parenting and could not take the regular meds that would have killed the migrained in a few days and had me back on my feet, taking care of said chidren.  So instead I had to start this long convulted (I’m still on it) meds plan that has very slowly killed the migraine and allowed me to still be mainly alert to take care of my children.  It has meant me being in a lot of pain still until very recently, their summer sucking pretty much completely, me working on getting over myself and accepting help and trying very very to be nice even though I was in pain.  I failed very badly with Jason.  I did pretty decently with the kids.  He put up with a lot over the phone while he was in the States doing a class.  A class that he managed to finish in three weeks (he was scheduled for I think at least 2 months!!), to get back here to help take care of us.  Thankfully the meds were finally starting to kick in about the time he got in.  And then by this weekend I actually woke up feeling human again.  I still having a dull background headache, but it is managable and things are definitely getting better.

Now to the kids.  Jaron got better quickly after his eardrum burst.  Then the poor kid picked up a stomach bug (I’m guessing waiting around in the hospital pharmacy for one of my tons of meds).  The girls got it too, but not nearly as badly.

They all started back to school last Thursday and are super happy about it.  Tatum had her first “full” day today.  I think they are all just glad things are getting back to normal.  I know I am!


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