October catch-up

September/October, basically this first half term has just been BUSY!  Chas had her Tudor day, which had personal complications, but was a great experience for her.  Her costume came out well and she learned a lot.  Jaron had his Egyptian day.  It was also great fun for him and he has been learning alot.  And telling us all about it in as much detail as they learn in class!  Some days I feel like he could teach his class :).  His costume also turned out well.  Tatum has been busy enjoying her school.  They have been doing “colour” days (yes I did the Brit spelling since she is doing Brit schooling ;)!).  Thankfully hers does not require me to make a costume; she is just supposed to wear clothes of whatever colour they are celebrating.  And I have been busy (as you may have already guessed) making costumes in my spare time!  We’ve also gotten to go to the pumpkin patch, so I will add a few pictures of that as well.

Now the kids are on half-term break and as long as we can all kick these colds quickly enough, we should be busy again – having fun!  So hopefully more new pics to post soon 🙂

Finally worn out!!!



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