I know, I know it’s been awhile again!  Things have just been BUSY!  Story of our lives, right?

Pretty sure we left off at the last week of October.  I think that is about when Jason decided we needed our first REAL family vacation.  Actually, serious travel – trains, planes, boat, taxis – the full travel experience!  And he wanted to take this vacation in NOVEMBER!  So a few weeks ago we went on a cruise!!!  It was wonderful!!!  The kids, Jason and myself all had a really great time.  But the leading up to it, planning everything last minute, all of that was insane! 

We got back in the wee hours of the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Had a lovely relaxing Thanksgiving (after a super crazy day) with friends.  Then two days later we had T’s 4th bday party :)!  Then all of the kids were sick for a week.  In fact today was one of the first days they were ALL back in school!

So on to today.  Since they all went back to school, I tried to clean up in preparation for all of my cake baking this evening.  Tomorrow is our squadron Christmas party and I am making the cakes for it and decided to try to be creative (big groan).

Now I’m sure you are saying, gee thanks for catching us up, but what’s up with the Superglue title??  Getting there ;)!

So I’m taking cake #2 and #3 out of the oven (there were supposed to be five altogether).  And T comes into the kitchen saying “um, I kind of got Superglue all over my hands”.  She was NOT kidding.  The kid coated her hands with glue like they were gloves!!!  Thankfully she had pulled her hands apart before they stuck together.  So while I’m grabbing her and throwing her hands in water I’m yelling for C and J to go check where the glue was all at in my room.  Which was were she was trying to glue post-it notes together.  Again, amazed that she does not have the damn post-it’s glued to her body!  After soaking her hands off and on for about 45 minutes and using a nail brush and massaging her hands and trying to gently peel, she is able to bend all of her fingers.  Her hands are awful though :(.  I finally sent her to bed with mittens full of heavy duty lotion.  After all of the advice that we got (thank you loved ones!), I decided this would be the best action for her still baby soft skin.

So during all of this lovely chaos, my chocolate cake fell apart from being too moist.  Okay, made another.  Then when I tried to fit my mini loaf pan (with multiple cake mixes in it) in the oven – it wouldn’t fit.  Any of the ovens.  We have a lovely 4 oven unit.  But it is a lovely British unit.  So it is all doll-house sized :(.  So now I am enjoying a glass of wine, laughing over the absolute ridiculousness of the evening.  And I have just finished the now sixth cake.

All in all, just another day in our Rose garden!

(oh and since I wasn’t clear in my semi-convulted explanation, I am making five round cakes to look like ornments for the party.  Starting to think – what was I thinking :)!)


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