Cakes, cakes and more cakes!

I seem to have made a lot of cakes this past week, so I thought I would “share” them with you.  Sorry you can’t taste them – I’ve been told they were great ;)!

The first five were for the Adult Squadron Christmas Party.  Yes, these were the cakes I was working on during the superglue incident (btw body butter lotion w/ mittens over for SEVERAL hours did the trick!).  I made a white, spice, chocolate, lemon and strawberry.  They were meant to look a bit like retro ornaments, working in the blue/white theme of the party – hope it worked!  The sixth cake is for J’s class party.  You pretty much get assigned what to bring for these parties and he was assigned something sweet and savoury – so he asked me to make him a cake.  His choice was strawberry with vanilla icing.  With his we decided to go back to traditional Christmas colors 🙂


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