To answer the age old question…does honey come out of carpet easily???

Surprising, yes it does!  The key is saturation!!!  Now, why you may ask, am I answering this question that we’ve all always secretly wondered the answer to??  Well, silly, that’s easy!  T informed me approx 12 hours after she saw it that 3/4 of a bottle of honey had spilled all over the pantry.  And hmm, that might have been part of what made poor Motley throw up all over the place earlier….but that’s a different story!

Now to play catch-up from oh, it looks like Feb 2011!!!  Here’s the Reader’s Digest version of our life since then…

Moved to a new house.  Our previous landlords put the house on the market due to divorce.  All’s well that end’s well though.  We love our new house and live closer to the school.  Which also means we are closer to the kids’ friends :).  So, yeah on that one!

C is getting ready to start college!!!  Which is year 7 over here, but my goodness it is like sending her to a small community college in the States!! She  is very excited and I think it will be great for her.  So look forward to more posts about her conquering (and we hope surviving!) the puberty/adolescent stage ;)!

J is his usual awesome self.  He has been doing Karate and having a great time with it.  He’s super happy that our male/female ration has tipped in his favor – even if it’s not in the human range ;)!  He’ll be entering year 5 and is super psyched about that.

T has finished her first year of full-day school!!!!  She has had an amazing year; she’s learned to read and had a fabulous time!!  Can you believe she is only 5?!?!  She’ll be starting Year 1 in September.  Growing up waaaaaay too quickly.  Oh, and her abdominal issues are pretty much resolved.  So Yeah! on that as well :).

I have started back to school this past year.  Working on my bachelor’s in Psychology to then move on to a Master’s in Social Sciences.  When I grow up I want to be a school counselor, preferably in a mility district.  I’ve been taking classes online and have been able to work mainly around the kids’ school schedules.  It’s been harder than I thought it would be, but totally worth it :)!!

J – he’s classified, but doing great ;)!!!  He’s actually gotten a super-long leave (for him) and we’ve been having a great summer together.  Oh, we did have a really horrific fall with him. He was in a motorcycle accident on October 10th, put a large hole in his pelvis.  But was extremely lucky and it was not in a weight-bearing area and since he is SUPERMAN, healed amazing quickly.  He was flying again by January!!!  We were very blessed that it wasn’t worse than it was.  The whole thing was obviously pretty awful though – the kids and I witnessed the whole thing (we were driving behind him).  And since I don’t really want to revisit it, that’s it on that.

Dempsey is his normal dumb self.  He’s much happier though as we adopted a “little” brother for him.  Motley is little only in the sense that he is younger as he is a Staffie puppy.  Quite a big boy who is full of energy and thinks he is a lap dog ;)!

Brody is the goldfish that we adopted from our dear friends.  Who knew you could adopt a goldfish?  He’s pretty old for a goldfish and they said they did pretty much everything that could have killed him (not intentionally of course!) and he survived.  Hopefully he’s hardy enough to survive our house!

And that’s the Reader’s Digest version of the past year and half, give or take.  I’m going to try to actually keep up with this thing again.  I’m told all of the crazy things that seem to happen in our daily lives are funny and should be shared.  I hope you enjoy 🙂


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