To top it off….

Oh and since I never quite finished the honey story….

So T came in to me last night while I was heating up the ready made Indian food from the lovely grocery store in town (thank you Sainsbury’s for feeding my family) (and yes, this is relevent!) and said, oh by the way, there is spilled honey in the pantry.  My response was, what are you talking about???  Her response, oh yeah, there’s alot – almost the whole bottle, Mots had been eating it and um, yeah, I found it this morning before BREAKFAST!!!  My response doesn’t really need to be mentioned at great length – let’s just say, I yelled a little.  So I then go to investigate said pantry, which I had not been in all day – fairly obvious and yes indeed, 3/4 of a brand new bottle of honey spilled and dripping down the (thankfully!) bottom shelf of the pantry onto the floor.  One of the unfortunate parts – the pantry was very full :(.  I had spent the day cleaning; Jason had spent the day working outside (therefore the ready-made Indian food – see told you that would tie-in) – so my response at that point, at 7:30 at night.  I shut the door.  Just shut it, told myself I would clean it after they were in bed.  Totally did not.  Was just spent after arguing with all three kids over the horrific state of their rooms (shut up, I can see the irony in the situation) and let it the way it was.  So when I went to clean it all up today, discovered not only was there honey everywhere, but the kids had just thrown stuff in the bottom of the pantry and my cake decorating stuff had spilled and blue food coloring was leaking out…on the carpet.

I just want to say, I love my kids, I really really do.  And good Lord, I am so thankful that we have a carpet cleaner, lol!!!


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