Last night we were very very lucky and were able to go to the Team USA Women’s Football vs Cananda game.


All decked out in red and white stripes in support of our women’s football team. Excited to get to the stadium 🙂

The day had turned to complete poo after my glowing review of our family time together.  Basically if it could go wrong – it did.  So by the time we arrived at the stadium (much, much later than anticipated) we were all feeling a bit rough.  Then we walked in to find our row DD seats, and this is what we saw:

We were sitting right behind these people – 4 rows in from the pitch!!!!

Our seats were amazing – for some reason the rows started at AA!  So that put everyone back in a great mood – and these were the cheap seats – crazy!!!  Then of course the atmosphere of the stadium was awesome :).  If you ever get a chance to go and see your home nation play in the Olympics, I highly recommend it.  It is energetic, amazing and moving!!!!

We did have some rough times.  C and J were still at it during the game and I had to seperate them and apologize to the women in front of us as they knocked into her a bit with their umm, behavior.  Tatum was tired, but awesome.  I’m surprised that she had a voice today.  I’m not sure anyone in the stadium chanted “USA” louder than that kid did!  Overall everyone had a great time.

The game was as previously stated, phenomenal!!!  It was a great match against Canada!!  We went into overtime and at the last minute we pulled through and won:


It was a long day though.  But to make the end just a bit sweeter (hard to imagine it could get better after the amazing atmosphere from the win!!!), C and J made up and this is the tram ride back to where we parked our car:

All snuggled up and finally being sweet to one another!!

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