the van

So I wanted to add something happy, but it didn’t go with the last post :).

We have finally after a super super long time, payed the van off!!!  It is awesome to know that we have NO car payments.  It is even better to know that I can now sell the van, get a car with better gas mileage and one that is smaller (although this will most likely cause headaches – C is not fond of actually sitting next to anyone and makes sure we all know), and continue to have NO car payments :).  Happy times!  Jason is being a sweetheart and helping clean it up so we can put it on the market this week on base :).  I know it was truly truly a blessing when we got it.  I also know that now that I only have one kiddo in a carseat and she will probably be out of it by next spring (she is so lucky to be tall!!) and we just don’t need the extra room that it has.  We already have a car lined up for me.  Its an older BMW station wagon that a friend is selling.  It will have the room we need to grocery shop and do trips, good gas mileage and dependablity.  It should get us through the next three years nicely!  Yea – something positive to look forward too :).


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