at least it’s not broken!!!

Last night I took the kids to the park. All was going well until C fell. Six feet, from up in the air. She was swinging. Doing that thing that you do when you let your bum slide out of the seat to where your knees are at the seat (I was just getting ready to tell her to sit right) and then the girl next to her went crooked and ran into C and she went down. Hard. I thought at first she hit her head. Thank God she didn’t! She did land on her left shoulder (the one that was just healing from an injury this past spring). She has a very nasty scrap (which is looking better this morning). There were a few tense moments where they thought she might have broken something, but again thank God, she didn’t. Just going to have some bad bruises and be sore for awhile. She just doesn’t have any padding on her. Considering how it could have been, she is very fortunate!!!


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