I’m all alone…

I feel an almost guilty glee in typing this ;)!!  The kids are all at VBS, Jason’s at work, and I’m all by myself in a QUIET house :)!!  I do absolultely LOVE having my children around (although I do occassionally fuss about them – I think that is a natural parent thing-to-do), but I truly treasure these quiet moments.  Not quite as much as I treasure our times together, but this is nice!

I know that in two weeks when they go back to school, I will miss them again during the day – and they will miss me.  But for this week, for two hours a day, we are getting a much needed break from one another.  They are getting to have an enjoyable time and I am getting a break.  I’m even going to go and have tea with friends one day this week.  Lovely, just lovely ❤


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