12 years together…

with the United States Air Force!!

And what a 12 years it has been!  We’ve lived in six houses, but only been stationed at two bases.  Jason has been deployed ten times, been on countless (well I’m sure someone somewhere knows…) tdy’s.  We’ve had three children, six dogs, nine different cars (!).  We’ve moved from Little Rock and being only 8 hours away from family.  Then moved to England and being only 10 hours away from family (by plane!).  We’ve had a lot of ups and a lot of downs.  Overall we’ve had a very blessed time with the Air Force.  I couldn’t be a prouder wife.  Yet I have and will probably always have a love/hate relationship with the Air Force.  Those of you that are mil spouses will understand.  Living seperate lives, than living together and bouncing this back and forth ALL the time.  But at the same time, I owe the Air Force for continuing to foster the independent lifestyle in which my parents worked to raise me.

As I said, ups and downs, and I would trade very little of it because it has shaped who my family is today.  And for better or worse we are a tight family unit because of it all.

Happy 12th Anniversary…..


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