dyeing to see what happens….

C’s new school only allows black bottoms.  And of course all of her school skirts are/were grey.  And of course all of her skirts from last year still fit (amazing in itself!)!!!  So it seemed an economical solution to just dye them black.  And I figured what the heck, I’ll do T’s while I’m at it.  She can have grey or black.  We’ve started the process and I’m halfway through the dye time when I realize……the girls skirts are all Teflon coated!!!!  Something I adore about the inexpensive school uniforms here.  Not only are the cheap, but durable and stain resistant……

So we’ll see what happens.   Hopefully I will be letting you all know that Teflon coated clothing can be dyed.  Otherwise I’ve made a mess in the sink and wasted an hour or so of my day 🙂

**UPDATE** Teflon 1, Rosebuds 0


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