what a morning :(

So I walked out of the bedroom door this morning to what looked like raining in my stairs!!!!!  I immediately ran back into the room and yelled at Jason to TURN OFF THE SHOWER!!!!  (assuming that was the problem)

From the third floor down, water was everywhere.  Massive amounts :(.  The ceilings are damaged, the carpet is a mess, the water was just dripping down the stairs to the bottom floor.  The bottom hallway was just water everywhere; it was even creeping into C’s room.  Luckily for us, the only furniture that could have gotten in the way (our cedar chest on the landing) just got missed.  Unfortunately for our landlords, it’s a decent amount of damage.

Was not impressed at first with the emergency repair line that our rental agency had listed for us to call.  But they did make it out within an hour and replaced the broken part.  Fairly quickly into all of this, Jason discovered exactly where the leak was coming from.  The pressure regulator from the water heater burst.

All in all, things could be much worse.  I think every towel in the house is now wet – and we have a ridiculous amount of towels (I never get rid of the old ones for moving purposes – hmm, must be a mil thing ;)!).  So that personally sucks, I have at least 4, maybe more loads of towels to get through my tiny, slow British washing machine and dryer.  I’d just take it all to base to the laundry mat, but I’ve got to wait for the electrician.  The water was dripping from the light fixtures in the landings, so I wanted that cleared before we touched them.  Figured 220v and water was not something we wanted to play with.

And I started school again yesterday and this is going to be a BUSY term.  Yippee.  Must get more chai and power through and remember how lucky we are, could have been much much worse!


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