and so it continues

To add to the continuation of a not so lovely week full of minor and major mishaps, T now seems to have an ear infection. She’s been complaining of pain for about 36 hours now, thought she was doing well enough to be at school – she thought otherwise. I gave in and am now regretting it! She’s honestly probably just barely on this side of the shouldn’t-go-to-school-fence. But she is driving me nuts! Just bad enough to be bored and whiny, just not good enough pain-wise to be interrupting her class with this fussiness :(. Poor baby. Poor mommy. I’ve made it through 5 pages of my 46 I need to read today for my Lit class – haven’t even gotten to consider the other two classes! But wait – she’s quiet for a minute! Must dash and try to quickly comprehend the ancient Greek city-state wars!!!


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