Still waiting on hot water…..

but at least there is hope on the horizon!!!  Repair people due out tomorrow – hopefully the whole job will be taken care of and we’ll have hot water (and heat – darn radiator system!).  And all of this due to a faulty valve reader that has dominoed the whole works :(.  I feel as bad for the owners as I do for us.  What started out as two small leaks (in the seemingly doomed water heater), turned into a valve that thinks (although it isn’t) the water heater is full therefore causing the overflow pipe to activate (and literally having water gushing down the drain costing us :().  So to stop that they did temp fixes, somehow the inversion heater went on the fritz and the latest temp fix gives us hot water, but the overflow pipe flows like crazy 😦 – and if we run it too long we could lose hot water completely.  So we only turn the boiler on for about 3 hours a day, twice a day in order to have a bit of heat in the house and hot water.  Not really a problem for anyone but the boys and I.  It’s starting to feel silly to be this bundled up in the house during the day, but at least its only affecting the dogs and myself.

Good news is the kids went back to school yesterday after their long holiday break :).  They were VERY excited.  Ready well early for school and home happy afterwards.  A slightly more sluggish start this morning, but still happy to be going back ;)!  Unfortunate news, I still have an ear infection.  So I got a shot of antibiotics to hopefully kill this resistant strand and do it quickly!!

Am soooo looking forward to the weekend when we should have hot water, heat and feeling better!!! So much for enjoying my month off, lol!  Oh well, since I don’t feel well enough to get out and about, I’m snuggled in with the boys, being a nerd and getting a head start on my reading for next term…..

Hopefully better news next time!!!!


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