I just might scream

I try not to use this blog as a way to spew negativity.  I know I can be negative – I try to curb it with the comedy of our lives.  But right now, I am just feeling a bit negative :(.

It is one of those days that is just not going great.  Not awful, so honestly I should just be counting my blessings instead of letting the aggravation continue to grow in me.

I’m currently stuck at the house waiting for our rental inspection.  Not that big of a deal.  I’m getting a good amount of cleaning done, blah, blah, blah.  But I decided that it has been a week, so I called the maintenance section of the rental agency to see what the status is on getting our repairs done so we can have hot water all of the time (instead of this bs once in a while thing).  Told them that I was trying not to be pushy, but this has been going on for nearly a month and while we are grateful to have heat back in the house, we would really like to have hot water again too.  They were shocked.  They thought the company that they outsource to had resolved all of the issues (there’s what I get for trying not to be pushy and waiting for parts to be ordered).  So there’s been a lot of back and forth this morning.  Short story – the repair company is sending someone out, again – third time the charm (?), to assess the situation.  The rental company told them it had better be fixed within 24 hours.

Now today was already booked fairly solid.  10-2, wait for inspection/clean house (still waiting…it’s almost noon).  Now 1-4, wait for repairman. Oh, and somehow pick-up my children without leaving my house during the 3 o’clock hour (I’m thinking I may have to phone a friend on that one :().  4-5:20, parent teacher conferences.  5:30-6:15, swim lesson.  6:20 – p/u a pizza and look forward to the following downtime/homework time.  Oh, and Jason’s booked with work stuff, so the afternoon juggling of the kids and their stuff is solo.

So now, after already rearranging some of C’s consults so that she is only missing swim lessons and not her sister as well because at the secondary level they let the students sign-up for their own parent consults – I may be missing ALL of it due to staying home and getting repairs done.  It’s just annoying.  Days this month that are absolutely open and a bunch of stuff has to fall on today.  Why???

UGH – okay, I think I’m done spewing ugliness.  But if anyone calls me today and I don’t answer – it’s either because I’m swamped and/or I’m feeling ugly and don’t want to further spread it to anyone else!!!

Other than some laundry folded and waiting for the kids to put it away, and a little bit of normal family clutter (i.e. a book here or there), the house is pretty clean, it smells good (yea beeswax), so I might just say chuck it and pull out a book and see if I can improve my mood.  If that doesn’t work, I may be looking for someone to go out with tomorrow night – that is if we’re not snowed in ;)!

Love y’all!!


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