Getting back to normal?

Where to start??

Jason is recovering very nicely.  He’s still tired quite a bit, but that of course is natural.  He’s always been a sleeper ;), and now his body is using that to heal :).  When he’s awake, he is doing quite well.  He got up and went to the grocery store with me yesterday and then walked to school.  He’s been cooking dinners – something he really enjoys (thank God!) and even getting quite a bit of work done.  He’s still sleeping a lot, he got up and made breakfast for everyone, then went back to bed – been sleeping since then.  But I think that’s probably good for him.  Trying to let him get as much rest as possible.  Otherwise the man would be up running around doing Lord knows what ;)!!  He’s off for quite awhile and that’s nice too.  He has sick leave through the 8th, and then he starts his regular leave that he had scheduled ages ago for our family vacation and to study for his upcoming promotion test.  He’s not going back to work until, I think, the 19th (?).  Should give him plenty of time to heal up :).

The household issues have finally settled down.  It has been so nice to have hot water again.  And to be able to get back to a routine.  I hadn’t realized how much not having steady hot water would disrupt our regular routines!  But laundry, general cleaning and the kids’ evening shower routines are back to normal and that feels so good!

I officially start classes on the 4th, but they have all opened up today and I’m thrilled.  It’s been super nice to have the time off this last month with everything that has been going on, but I’ve been really missing my routine :).  It’s nice that they opened early too – I’ve got 48 video lectures to download, so I’ve been spending the morning getting that taken care of.

Kids are all doing good.  Quite good in fact.  They’ve ALL been pretty sweet lately.  At least to Jason and I ;).  The sibling squabbles are still happening, but they are keeping those mostly upstairs :).

Guess that’s about it.  It’s so nice to have things starting to return to normal around here!


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