Doing alright :)

For those of you that did know – my surgery went well :). For those of you that didn’t know, I’ll play a brief catch-up.
I’ve been having female issues for quite a while now (around 2 years). In the past three months things have gone really really bad. The dr tried different medical procedures – none worked and on Wednesday I ended up having a hysterectomy. I’d gone back in to the dr the previous Wednesday knowing that was about the only option left to me and after having several discussions with Jason had decided it was the route I was going to have to accept. We just didn’t know that they were going to schedule it that quickly!! But at least it is done and over with and I can start the (apparently really long) healing process. Thank you for the warm thoughts and prayers. I apologize to those who I didn’t tell.
It’s been an awkward time where it doesn’t seem appropriate to discuss “female issues”, but I’ve definitely realized more women should so that we are all better informed and not in the dark about our health options. At first I just didn’t want to go to the dr, then I wasn’t sure if I was just maybe overreacting, then things got bad. But at least I was already blessed with three beautiful children and can now work on being healthy again :)!!


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