Ahh, things are looking up

What a relief!!!  I am finally caught up in my school work :)!!  And it is all thanks to Jason and my dad.  Without them this recovery would really suck.  They have both been amazing.  It even makes their nagging….ok ;).  And it’s probably not without merit.  I kind of messed up and relapsed a bit.  I was feeling pretty good last Monday and my room really needed vacuumed – so I did it.  Not realizing that that was one of the no-no’s til at least week 3 of recovery.  And now I know why :(.  And then I caught the kids’ stomach bug :(.  But now all is better.  I’m taking it easy as ordered – which is why I was finally able to get caught back up.  And I cannot thank Jason and now my dad enough for all that they are doing.  Without them I would be up and running around and trying to do it all.  Even with them I have trouble  – I’m just not used to sitting back and letting others handle everything!  This is going to be a looong eight weeks.  But at least I’m surrounded by awesome family :).


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