Avengers Madness (sort of)

Friday night J had his Avengers-Movie-Marathon-birthday-party-sleepover :)!  He had three boys over (along with all of us and another lovely family).  While it was loud :), it was pretty chill.  Not at all what I was expecting out of four boys that around 10 yrs old!  They watched ‘Iron Man’, then opened presents – which was of course mainly books ;)!  Then they went upstairs for over an hour and turned it into a readathon ?!?!  Came back down around 9, watched another movie and then played video games, etc until 2 a.m. when I said enough is enough :).  AND THEN WOKE UP AT 6 A.M.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So we had pancakes at 7 while the rest of the household slept blissfully ;)!  J had a great time though and that is all that matters :).



ImageChillin the next morning 🙂

ImageAnd the madness that ensued right after the other picture was taken ;)!!  




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