Another day, another…midterm

At least this means another midterm week over!!  Today finished my midterms (for this term) and boy was it vicious :(.  It was for a really weird class, Research in Experimental Psychology.  The class is basically in two sections (simultaneous taught).  One is the how to develop an experiment and all of the majorly scientific jargon that goes with that (super UGH!) and the other is to analyze and understand case studies (not too horrible, actually a bit interesting and fairly easy).  The only guidelines that I had going in to this exam was that it covered chapters 1-9 and would have definitions.  Five (or six, it was so brutal I can’t remember now) essays later, I was done with the midterm.  The definitions of the scientific jargon were to be done essay style, the review of a case study (that was easy) and then further explanations of combined jargons.  Brutal.  I do really well with understanding and dissecting case studies, I do not do well with the scientific approach :(.

But silver lining, I now know what to expect out of the final.  So even if I completely bombed this, hopefully it has given me a better idea of what to study for the final in six weeks!!

So brain tired, that I’m not sure I’ll get much studying done tonight.  And pretty certain that the glass of wine I’m enjoying is not helping with that either ;).  But hey, tomorrow is a new day.  A busy day, but a new day :).  And I’m sure there will be lots to talk about then as it is McMillian Cancer Awareness Dance Day at T’s school and J will be part of the grand opening of the new cafe that his grade level will be running at his school :).  Lots of fun to be had tomorrow afternoon!!!

Sooooo, I should probably “man” up and get to some of this homework now ;)!!!


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