What a weekend :)

Yesterday was busy enough to cover a few days so all we did today was go to church and then veg :).  But to catch y’all up on why yesterday was sooooo full!

Started the morning trying to leave at around 7:45 to take C to base to the Red Cross babysitting course.  Got T and C in the car, decided to just let J sleep.  Went to lock the front door and the darn key stuck, again.  It had been doing that since they replaced the lock a few months ago :(.  When I finally got it to pull out it pulled the barrel halfway out of the door!!!  Muttered some expletives and hopped in the car!  Ran C to the base, doing great on time, until we get there and I realize that the Red Cross moved a year ago to the other base!!!  So we zip over there, thinking if we can find it, we should just make it!!  But of course after nearly half an hour of driving around we don’t find it!!  I go back to the gate to the cop shack and finally ask those sweet people.  They nicely told us where it was.  Tucked away on a part of the base that I didn’t even know was there :(.  So half an hour late, she arrives for class :(.  I felt soooo bad!!!

So T and I head home, to our locked house.  I call the rental agency along the way as we are now late enough in the morning that they have opened and explain that my front door is all jammed up.  Now the annoying part for us is that my dear sweet husband had been working on my car before he got called up again.  So it is on ramps in our carport, very nearly blocking the entrance to the back.  It is one of those suck-your-tummy-in type of maneuvers to get through there to the back door!  

Now by the time that we get home and squeeze into the house we have a two hour window before we have to leave again as I had to go pick up C for lunch on base.  So I call the locksmith who tries to walk me through fixing the lock.  What we manage to do is get the barrel out and then can’t get it back in!!  So he tells me that he should be able to be there around 11:30 – when I have to leave again.  So I run down to my lovely neighbor’s house and give her the details and the lock with the key in it ;)!  While I’m there giving her the woe is me, the locksmith calls back and says he thinks he’ll make it at 11 after all.  So I take the lock, stock and barrel ;), back home with me.  He does arrive, can’t get it back in either.  Does his locksmith magic with universal tools and gives me hell about how we must have taken a screw out of the door!  Why on earth would we take a screw out of the door!?!?!?  But I go ahead and ask the kids, who of course did not take a screw out of the door.  He then insists my husband must have done it.  I kept politely trying to inform him that that was a very very slim possibility.  We’ve had problems ever since he changed the lock before!!  He ended up changing the whole lock out (even though he kept telling me that was the best lock out there).  Told me there would be no charge for that, but that he would have to talk to the rental agency to decide who was getting charged as we must have taken that damn screw out!  I was on the phone to the rental agency before he was out to his car.  They agreed that there was no reason for us to take a screw out of the door.  Thought it was all rather silly and told me not to worry about it.  We then race out the door and make it just in time to get C for her lunch break.  

Get her lunch and back to her class (which she was throughly enjoying!).  We ran errands for the next four hours because I didn’t want to drive the 30 minutes home and back again!  Got J his fab haircut – yea!  Got a key made for Jason.  Which at the time, the poor girl who was trying to cut the key told me it might not work.  That kid was having a time with the machine :(.  She was right, it didn’t work.  So off to the professionals in town tomorrow!  Bounced between the two bases doing errands and got our girl again around 4:30.  She is officially Red Cross certified to babysit!  Next step is the CPR certification.  

Came home to get ready for a little party we were having.  Oh yeah, as all of this is going on, I’m aware that I have 9 people joining us for the evening!  One family had to cancel so we were down to just 4 coming over.  But ended up having a pizza party and pretty lovely time.  Did have an incident where J fell on the sidewalk and chipped a tooth, scraped his chin and scratched his glasses :(.  But he bounced back pretty quick.  Even decided to give bike riding a go again and picked it right up!!!  I knew once he decided to actually do it, and had the confidence, he’d do fine :).  Ended up swapping kids.  Kept their little boy and sent T home with them.  These are the sweet neighbors that were going to deal with the locksmith for me!  Lovely family!!  Picked T up again this morning and their boy, A, came to church with us.  He’s a really sweet kid.  Came home, did lunch and have spent the day vegging.  Kids even let me take a nap!!  Now I really must get to work and get my paper done or I will be in trouble!  But figured I’d give y’all an update on the details of the latest crazy weekend in the rose garden!!  As my sweet brother-in-law said, we’re always in motion – might not be positive motion, but at least we’re in motion, hahaha!!!  Guess it keeps life from being BORING :)!


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