Follow up :)

So it was a bit crazy last night so I didn’t really get to post much :).  Jason got his 1990 Land Rover Defender yesterday :).  Household went nuts as we surprised them all with it.  J just about wet himself from excitement, lol!!  He has really been wanting a project car to do with his dad.  That boy has gotten really interested in engines and how things work.  And from what I’ve been told asks very intelligent questions regarding the such.  Not my arena, so I’ll take their word :).  It should be loads of fun for them and the whole family.  It can seat up to 12 eventually.  The back section apparently only actually has two seatbelts in it right now.  So we’re legal for 8!  C thought it was pretty cool that it had a roof rack with a ladder.  J did as well as he exclaimed, awesome – we can take bikes!  T was psyched to try to help with the car – until J said his first sexist thing ever :(.  He told her she could hand him tools!  Was not happy with that boy :(!!!  Thankfully he’s sorted out quickly!  

It should be great fun though.  Something we can make some improvements to and the kids can learn on.  Something we can take camping and enjoy.  It’s an old truck so it’s got some wear on it – as it should :).  It’s old enough that we should have no problems taking it back to the States when we eventually return.  That’s been the plan with all of this searching.  And it’ll be nice that while visiting family won’t be driving around in luxury ;), they will at least be able to fit in one car!

All around a super happy family last night!! Oh, and Motley loved riding in it too ;)!


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