ugh – what a :(- weekend…..or on second thought….

Wish this were more positive!  This weekend has not been bad, just not great :(.

Went to Cambridge yesterday.  Finally decided that I would do the consult for Lasik.  The pricing over here seemed really good, even with the exchange rate.  Unfortunately while I am “a prime candidate”, I’m on the very high end of their price range due to the severity of my eyes.  So it was going to be 3x what I was initially shown :(.  But at least we had a nice ride out in Gertrude, the new landie.  It may sound weird, but it is nice to be in an old truck, wind blowing, country music going :).  And Jason was so incredibly happy and relaxed looking :).  Definitely the very best part of this weekend :)!!!

In fact, rather than focus on the crappy day this has been with kids not listening and headache inducing statistical homework, I’m going to focus on that image!  Wow – all of sudden this weekend’s obnoxiousness doesn’t seem like that big of a deal now.  I got to see my guy looking happy and relaxed, something that just doesn’t happen often enough anymore.  Yup, gonna hold onto the positive……..and maybe go make a margarita ;)!


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