Oh no!!!

Picked T up from school today and the poor kid came out crying. She was complaining of severe abdominal pain. Said it had been going all day :(. But she had different teachers today and it just didn’t communicate well :(. She was hurting badly enough that I just took her in to the ER (paediatrics was closing for the day). She had a fever of 102!!! I thought she felt warm, but it was hot and we didn’t stop at the house to check her temp. Anyway, it turns out her bad combo of severe constipation and uti’s is back :(. The doctor was really surprised that she wasn’t having pain downstairs yet as he initial lab work for the uti was already really bad. So silver lining there? At least she hadn’t hit the pain there yet. But that explained the fever. So we’re back on miralax, antibiotics and Tylenol combo. Poor kid!!
She was just beat too. Here she is on the way back home tonight.



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