Cleaning day

I told the little loves of my life this morning that today we were going to CLEAN – the house needed tidying!! The little darlings started off (very slowly) but decently. Then one by one they have disappeared upstairs to leave it all to me. Now my first thought was those stinkin little buggers!

However, after scrubbing and mopping, doing laundry and vacuuming – I’ve decided they are just fine where they are! In fact, they can just stay there. They can stay hanging in their rooms until said rooms are spotless :D! After all they are a lot worse than the rest of the house. So while I am losing out on hanging out time with them, they are losing out much more. You see, I only wanted the common areas of the house tidy – I wasn’t going to fuss about their rooms!!!! Guess they should have decided to help vacuum 😉


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