Favourite kind of Saturday :)

Peaceful (ok, as peaceful as it can be with three kids and a dog!), overcast – but not muggy, and not a darn thing on the schedule :).
I told my lovelies that as soon as rooms are clean we can do whatever they want (which most likely means the pool).

J’s room is done.
My room is done.

The girls……well let’s just say J and I are getting to spend a Saturday in our favourite ways!!!
He’s alternating between reading and begging in front of the tv or doing both at the same time ;)!
I’m getting to enjoy my clean room and the lovely breeze coming in, stretched out reading a good book. Feeling pretty darned relaxed :). Enjoying the fact that after this past year my plan of a summer holiday of just chilling out and having fun is working out quite well :).
I know we should finish cleaning the rest of the house, but for now I’m going to enjoy the rare peace and calm that has come over the house!!
And I’m probably jinxing myself, but the sister wars have even been at a minimum – and they are in their room together potentially cleaning!!!
Only one other thing could make me feel more content 🙂 ……


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