Ugh! The boy :/

Normally I have nothing but praise for my boy. He is an awesome kid, my rock, the calm in the chaos of his lovely lovely sisters. But recently he’s started showing signs of being, well a preteen boy. This is not necessarily a bad thing ;)! But there are aspects that I could do without.
This is one of them:


Basically he dumped out a basket of clean laundry and said these are my clothes for the trip!!

Normally I would haul his little tush back in here and make him fix it. However after working for two days to try to get my (deep in summer holiday mode and hitting preteen attitudes) children to assist in this packing business I have had it! And I’ve still got to get C to finish getting me her clothes :(!!

So I’ll shut my door, hide for a bit and pack the boy. And if that girl doesn’t start bringing me clothes soon, well I’ll just pack for her as well. And trust me, that would be one of her worst nightmares – she’s super particular about what she wears (which is why this is taking AGES with her!!).

So after folding that mess, for an 8 day/7 night trip (in which we will have laundry facilities), my sweet boy brought me: 6 t-shirts, 2 polos, 1 sweater, 2 long sleeve shirts, 1 hoodie, 6 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of trousers, 2 sets of pj’s, 7 pairs of undies, 1 swim trunks, 1 beach towel and NO socks. Interesting mix. I think we’ll make some adjustments :).


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