Nearly there :)

I feel like the last three days have basically centered around packing!!! With the occasional break for the movies and a birthday party ;)! I have now changed my mind about something. Packing with OLDER children is not easier than packing FOR younger children. Life lesson. Maybe next time I will do a child a day and save myself a little more sanity. I think at this point every tiny little bit counts ;)!!! But thankfully the kids and I are now ALL packed. All that’s left is for Jason to pack, pack the food into a cooler and load up.
Unfortunately poor Jason has spent the whole day working on/dealing with Gertrude. Seems like she was being an ornery lady. But he’s got a new console in the dash which includes a new radio and various bits, a replaced muffler and temporarily popped the centre console in. Hopefully he gets home soon to pack (off getting gas) as he had planned to leave in seven hours……
But at least we’re nearly there! Next big hurdle – an eight hour road trip with three kids and a dog :). I really truly do LOVE our life and our adventures :D!


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