Scotland – day 6

And….take two! The older two and Jason left this morning to try the Castle Course again. Still quite foggy, but at least they managed to get nine holes in. C went back to caddy again this afternoon apparently it was like going to. Completely different course!!
T and I had a lovely morning together. We did a “girl” morning – Starbucks and shopping. It was a lot of fun and we were even able to get some bday shopping done for C. J joined us after lunch. We continued shopping and toodling around town. Went down to the beach again, but got caught in a rain storm. After getting a bit cleaned up we went to a pub to warm up and have a snack. Walked around and hung out until we meet up with Jason and C for a lovely, thankfully relaxing dinner (T and J had not exactly been lovely from about 3 pm onwards).
C had an absolute blast getting to caddy for her daddy and truly enjoyed the father/daughter time :).
Jason has just told me how sad he is now and that it is all my fault. If I hadn’t let him come on the trip he wouldn’t be wishing he could stay longer ;)!!
All in all it’s been a lovely week. Really looking forward to visiting Loch Ness tomorrow and hopefully the Rose family castle :).









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