getting back in the swing of things :)

It feels like the kids and I are really getting back into our school routines. And it’s a good feeling :). It’s a busy feeling, but a good feeling. They have all got their regular school days back plus swimming lessons. I’m getting back into my organization of household and school. Realized I was a lot more spoiled in August than I realized, just having the house and kids to handle. And frankly after the past year, I spent some time being lazy. And it felt great!!

Now I’m getting back into my routine of getting them to school, focus on one subject before lunch, focus on another subject after lunch, use breaks to attempt to clean and do laundry (maybe take a nap if I stayed up too late the night before – not getting any younger here :(!). Pick them up from school, run errands/do activities/kid homework, make dinner, spend time with them (or start the studying again), then bedtime. For them, not me, then I start the actual assignments, not just the loads and loads of learning that must be accomplished during the day. I’ve also been trying to double-time and catch up with friends and family that I have sorely neglected in my time off with the kids (yes, in retrospect it would have been wiser to use my time off to stay in touch with everyone…). So, generally I’m in bed by midnight, back up again by 6:15 and starting all over. It wouldn’t be such a tight schedule, but I’ve got to get household errands done during the day as well and oh yeah, would like to actually socialize with my friends at least once a week.

So, if you don’t hear from me for awhile it is not because I don’t love you all – ’cause you know I do!!! It’s cause I’m buried in the land of statistics, stress management, a politically correct culturally diverse world, household stuff and of course my kiddos – not necessarily in that order ;)!!

And I know it may sound like I’m fussing, honestly not, actually quite happy knowing that I’m being productive and doing something good with my time. Makes me feel content and tired in a good way – not the sickly way I felt all of last year.

Yup, pretty happy to get back into a busy, healthy routine again 🙂


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