Pasta bowls

So we really like using our pasta bowls for just about everything, pastas, currys, soups, Asian food in general, etc. but we seem to be bad about breaking them as well. When we moved here five years ago we bought 8 bowls. We are now down to four. We have white dishes so you’d think they’d be easy to match, but not so much:(. There are some Emma Bridgewater ones that’d I’d love to have, but they are £20 a bowl – totally not doing that with our breakage rate ;)!! So was really happy when I found ones that are almost identical to ours and they were on sale for £2.75. We kind of went nuts and bought a dozen. Imagine my surprise and amusement when this is how they were delivered.

12 bowls individually packaged in large mailing boxes!!!
Unfortunately they were not packaged well and two arrived broken. Happy news though is that it only took five minutes on the phone and they are mailing new ones out fairly hassle-free (thank you Debenhams).
I just had to post how they arrived though cause I thought it was a bit funny. A bit overkill as it probably could have been done (securely) in three or less of those boxes ;).

**and yes, that little bowl on the counter is what came individually in those big boxes!


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