It’s over?

The room is clean. Finally. I still have to sort through the clothes, but I just didn’t have it in me to do it this weekend. So I can safely say it is almost over. Yesterday turned out to be a battle day :(. Which I knew it probably would so I shouldn’t have been surprised, but underneath it all I am an optimist so I still had hope. I should probably turn to pessimism ;).
Today was not so bad at all. We actually made it to church, so that was great. Then we walked around in the rain til we decided where we wanted lunch, that was actually fun (it was before the downpours and it didn’t feel too terribly cold). Came home and the girls recleaned (!) what they had already messed up! Them we took one of C’s friends with us to the pool. Came home, ordered pizzas, did homework, laundry and now they are all in bed. Think I will enjoy a cider with some reading I need to push through and call it a night myself.
Tonight’s thing to be thankful for: the girls’ room war seems to be over for now 🙂


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