Sick day – Rose girl style

Both of my ladies are home today :(. T is still having abdominal pain, poor girl. We should at least have the dr stuff sorted out. So hopefully in a few hours her referral will be in for the urologist. I have her appointment sent for the VCUG.
C had two respiratory attacks yesterday! The first one was at school and she bounced back quickly and was running all over the place after school, so thought it was more of a heavy perfume fumes thing (happened at gym and those girls use a heavy heavy hand). So I let her go to swim. She was there for about an hour and half, forty-five minutes (of the two hours) and she had a really bad attack. Ended up at the ER. They diagnosed as a virus that has set off respiratory. But because of the family history of asthma, we’re to keep a close watch.
Which leads us to today. Both girls are home taking it easy. They have been amazing together so far. Got bored with laying about and decided to do Hama beads. (Thank goodness, I was close to breaking the sick day rule and turning on the telly).

So here are my lovely ladies. Perking up a little bit with the distraction of artwork 🙂



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