Here we go again, and again, and again

T and I spent another four hours at the ER this morning :(. She woke up in immense pain and asked to go to the dr (which was very telling after how horrible things were Monday). So off she and I went. We had a dr who was very thorough. That was nice. He said he went back through her records for the last 400 days, looking into the uti’s. Same type of strand for each numerous one. She’s of course got one again :(. Wanted us to try a different antibiotic as he thinks she’s likely built up a tolerance. He got the results for the VCUG. They were normal. Which is both a relief and frustration. We still don’t know what is causing the chronic constipation and frequent uti’s. But at least he actually took time to go through her records and look into things. So here we go again, still, not even sure how to categorise this anymore!!


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