quick update

T is kind of back in school.  The UTI seems sorted and her constipation issues are moving along.  But that has lead to other issues for her causing her a decent amount of pain and discomfort.  😦  Poor kid is not really catching any breaks.  Back to the dr to have a check up on Thursday to continue to discuss it all and now discuss allergy testing as well.

Jason is sick as can be :(.  Came on pretty quickly last night.  His highest temp has been around 103.  Trying to keep the kids away from him and hoping that since T has been on antibiotics for a week that will keep her from adding one more thing!  Feel awful for him though :(.  He usually gets sick after the flu shot, but he had it a week ago and we thought we were in the clear….

I’m off to scramble my way through a midterm and then to play the continuous catch-up.

Here’s hoping Jason’s is only a 24 hour thing and that T manages to stay in school today……


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