Planes, trains and automobiles

Mom and dad arrived today via plane, they kindly took the train in so I could buy a new automobile :).
Ok, so I think a bit of sleep deprivation may be kicking in ;)!
Mom and dad are here – yea!
I did get a new car today – yea!
And I’m almost caught up on homework again – yea!
The day started out very shortly after yesterday ended thanks to hedgehog escapades. But at least that had a happy ending. Sorted out the carousel of cars. Jason’s brother (Jake) had the unfortunate incident of his car dying recently. He borrowed one of Jason’s friends trucks. Last night Jake bought my car, the Polo, which I inherited from Jason when he bought the landie. The Polo really was not big enough for any everyday drive three kids around sort of deal. So I was happy to pass it along. We took the borrowed truck back in the wee hours of this morning and then went and bought me a car. I’m now the owner of a 2003 Citroen Picasso. It may not be sexy, but it’s very practical an that’s its own kind of sexy ;). Ok, I think I really should go to bed now as I am now referring to a family car as potentially sexy! Night all!!


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