Kidney scan results

Got T’s results today. She has no damage in her kidneys. Which is great. One kidney is not pulling it’s weight. They are supposed to work equally, 50/50, but one of hers is only doing 42% of the work. The dr said this was still normal though and her kidneys should not be the cause of all her issues.
Which leads us back to what the heck is going on with this kid. Gonna see her pediatrician again tomorrow and see what she thinks she happen next. Jason and I are discussing dietary options. Gotta do something….



  1. We’ve had some family discussions tonight and our next step is to make some changes to her diet – we are going to go full paleo with her. She and Jason went out and got her a new cookbook tonight.
    Most importantly we have our questions and plan set for what all to discuss with the dr tomorrow. I will try and call you later tomorrow if I can and fully catch up. Love you!!!


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