Celiac disease

The pediatriacian had Tot do a blood panel today for celiac disease. We should get the results in about three weeks (they have to send it off to San Antonio). In the meantime we are going to start her on the paleo diet, essentially that means gluten-free, dairy-free. We had planned on trying it for a month. The dr however recommended two months due to her age and how the digestive system reacts at that age. She did say that if we saw no results after a month and if Tot hated it, not to pursue it further – unless the tests come back positive. Her only nutritional concern was that she get enough calcium and vitamin D – which she said vitamins could fix. She gave me the recommended amounts and that is all sorted. She also put in the referal for the penicillion allergy test. Apparently he urologist was leaning in this direction as well. He did not mention it to us, but did to her PCM in his notes. Since the kidneys are not the cause of the UTI’s, the thought process is that her chronic constipation issues probably are. T’s handling it well so far. We’ve been exploring recipes and scoped out the gluten free products at the commissary. Hopefully this will finally be the answer to this poor kid’s health issues. I never realised before how seriously badly gluten could affect someone. I honestly thought it was kind of a health food fad :(. Turns out it is more serious than I thought. I feel so terribly for the people that suffer from it! At least it is becoming more popularly known so there are more options out there.
And if this is not the problem – then at least we all will have been eating healthier and will cross another possibility off the list.


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