Finals = hibernation

As I am struggling to find the correct words to make my final paper sound highly intelligent (and not like the ramblings of a tired, stressed out, solo-parenting mama!), it occurs to me that I have not exactly let my loved ones know that I am in hibernation mode.

Due to family stuff (that I’ll catch y’all up on later – don’t worry, it’s good stuff!), I am trying desperately to get my final paper done over a week early.  Unfortunately due to the good family stuff I’ve hit spastic mode.  Which means I’m trying overly hard to micromanage my life and organize every last detail to make sure I’ve not missed anything.  Add that on top of a normal busy week with the kiddos and you’ve got spastic, hibernating lady ;).

So if you don’t hear from me or I don’t answer my phone, don’t worry – we are all okay, I’m just hibernating in my office trying to pull out an intelligent paper (it’s only worth 50% of my grade – good grief), organize life, run the kids to all their activities and oh yeah, study for my other final next week…..I am so ready for this term to be over!  But at least after Monday (if I get this paper done before then!) I will have a couple of weeks to enjoy my family before I start the chaos of continuing education again :).


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