quick catch-up

Wow this week has not been a fantastic one, not horrible, but definitely not in the ‘good’ category.  It’s been a week of car problems, paper writing, toe infection (that would be C), I’m sick, and family things have arisen as well.  Last night I said goodbye to an incredibly amazing man.  Something that I am just not ready to write about right now.  I just can’t honor him the way he deserves and still handle all of this because I will just break down.  It’s selfish right now, but it is what it is.

I do think I may have finished my final paper.  So that is one big thing almost sorted.  I am having a friend proofread it for me.  I’m on cold meds and really don’t want to turn in a bad paper (50% of the grade!) because I’m drugged.  I think it is A quality, but need to be sure before submitting.

The car should be sorted.  A simple alignment and oil change turned into more hassle than it should have been.

C showed me her toe last night because it was in pain and it was definitely infected.  Ingrown toenail that she had tried to sort herself that she went way to far with.  So she is on meds and should be wearing a surgical shoe, but it is not happening with winter weather.  So for now, she is in an Ugg style boot to give the room she needs.  We’ll see how that worked later today.

That leaves us with family which as I said I just can’t emotional process in the manner which which be honorable, so for now I am going to take a nap and then go to the doctor to see if I have bronchitis.  Good times.


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