England or New Mexico…..

England for now. Jason has gotten his class slot – yea! The AF was debating as to whether or not to move the kids and I before or after his class. It looks like after has won out – so England is stuck with us for a bit longer ;)! We should be moving to NM next year. This gives us some time to house hunt, school hunt, car hunt, figure out how to ship Mots, ect. And it gives the kids another year in what has very much become their home. We had decided we would be happy no matter what, but part of me is relieved that we won’t be moving this July. There would be so much to do in such a short span of time. This will also allow me to complete my BA this fall in a less stressful manner :). The only sad part is for at least six months Jason will be living stateside while we are over here. We wouldn’t have lived with him anyway if we moved this summer (we’d be about 3-4 hours away), but would have at least seen him more. Good thing we are great at FaceTime :).


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