Gluten-free, dairy-free update

We’ve been doing this dietary change for nearly 12 weeks now (wow, sometimes it feels like this has been the norm forever, sometimes it feels like we’ve just begun :)!). I’m very happy to report that it has gone fantastically!!! T feels GREAT, Jason feels GREAT (although he had been paleo a lot longer than we’ve been doing this). The food has been good. We’ve yet to try anything that anyone felt was just disgusting – a few things that we’ve happily found an alternate for, but nothing horrid ;). The older two kids have been greatly supportive. Our friends have as well. One lovely family even brought cupcakes over for us this weekend❤️! We’ve not really found any limitations as we are able to substitute most normal foods. There are a few, but not too many. We’ve discovered how they both do off the gluten-free – really poorly :(. And dairy is only a bit better – still reported as not being worth the yucky feelings at all.
So it really does look like it was a combo of gluten and dairy that was making my little girl so sick for all these years. Wish we had found the answers sooner rather than later, but at least we can fix it now :).
Off to bake some scones – our town has really started carrying a lot to aid in this process. This holiday break has been full of baking goodies. Carrot cake, cookies, scones – it’s a good thing we started biking ;)!!


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