The great bike debate…

Jason and I decided last week that we needed to get me a bike. This decision occurred after our family bike ride when I was left riding C’s old bike :). I had given her my bike a year or two ago because I didn’t use it (not a big rider and T couldn’t ride). Now T is riding and I’m trying to get fit, so the great bike debate began…
My biking needs are simple. Two wheels and something that isn’t too big. At 5’3″ I fall between a junior and small women’s bike. And I’m obviously not getting any taller :).
Jason loves bikes. And he’s very specific about what makes a good bike.
I’m a spend-thrift. Him – not as much.
So I would have gone for the cheapest one available. He kept arguing that you get what you pay for. Valid. And he has to fix the bikes. So after a horrible outing on Monday, where we left with no bike and bad moods – my lack of knowledge and input versus should we spend this much, etc. Today he found a bike on base. He’d been keeping an eye out and they finally got one in that was my size. Ridiculous expensive (in my view), but it is quality and stopped the fighting. And we got a discount because even though it was brand spanking new, they had already managed to put some (very minor) scratches on it.
The next step was watching my poor husband try not to tear up as he got a kickstand to put on it (seriously why spend that much and then not have a stand so it doesn’t get banged up??). Next I picked up a super awesome Captain America bike lock that will make me the envy of the playground ;). And the final bit where I just got a “I love you” with a sad shake of his head was when I asked if I would be able to put the (removable) basket on this fancy new mountain bike…..
Thank you, Jason, for my new big girl bike. I hope this patience continues S you teach me how to ride a bike with gears……❤️


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